New (Old) Guitars!

New (Old) Guitars!

So my wife’s uncle decided to blow up his life here in the STL Area and move down to Tampa, FL. He’s a bachelor and a musician. As a result, his house here in STL was a shrine to music equipment of all kinds, from cowbells all the way up to PA systems....

The New Rogue Sound Studio Series

One of the perks of moving back to the Midwest from California is the abundance of more affordable real estate. My wife and I took advantage of this back in 2017 and bought a 100-year-old house with a nice, big detached garage. Rather than have me banging on things...

Starship Commander Arcade Launches!

Rogue Sound is proud to announce that Starship Commander has launched in VR arcades across the country! Search Google for “VR Arcades Near Me” to find one. Before you do that, check out the trailer below!