Let’s talk about acoustic treatment! Rogue Sound Studio is a multi-use space. Primarily, I design, implement, and mix audio in here. Since I also record live drums and guitar in the same space, I didn’t want the room to be entirely “dead”. With that in mind, I decided to use a combination of Primacoustic and Auralex products. For the walls, I grabbed the London 16 room kit. This had an assortment of corner, wall, and spot panels. The photos below will show you how I decided to arrange them. They also remind me that I should do another blog post on cable management!

The ceiling in my studio is vaulted, and there were some really strange reflections and resonant frequencies coming from up there, so I decided to treat it as well. For this, I went with plain old Auralex studio foam. At first, I tried to use their adhesive spray product to hold them up, but this turned out to be a disaster. I recommend avoiding that stuff. It’s nasty. Instead, I used simple t-pins to hold up the panels. A box of these can be had from Amazon for roughly 6 bucks. I found that 5 pins per tile is all you really need to hold them up forever.

To round it all off, I decided to grab a few more bass traps for my corners. Since I already had the Primacoustic panels, I ordered a half pack of LENRDs from Auralex. This may not have been necessary, but I figured what the hell, it’s only my kid’s college fund. Kidding! I’m kidding.

The result is a pretty well controlled space that is still “live” enough to record things like drums. I didn’t want to completely deaden the room since I’d be doing more in it than just sound design and mixing.